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Employers? Need Help Finding Candidates?

We're a Canadian recruitment firm


Having experienced, skilled-workers is critical in any industry, especially in construction, where a shortage in workers can cause delays, increase safety risks and even reduce the ability to bid on projects. The competition for top talent is fierce. Companies are facing significant challenges in simply identifying talent, much less securing it.

With north of 25 years of experience, The Orion Group has a network of over 50,000 construction and property management professionals throughout Canada. We’ve been doing it long enough that we know that these folks, at least the good ones, aren’t sitting around looking for work. They need to be sourced and we know exactly where to find them. Our reach is wide and our tools are progressive, including everything from social media to construction networking groups. We can identify local talent, or we can move them for a different city or province.

We provide innovative solutions to find and deliver the talent so that your company has the people resources to get the job done!

Engineers and Businesspeople
Positions We Fill
Account Manager
 Accountant & Finance person working on computer


From commercial office towers to retail shopping centres, from residential buildings to hotels, The Orion Group’s Property Management practice is well equipped to identify and acquire qualified and experienced talent directly from the industry.

With decades of experience and a significant network within the Property Management sector, we are confidently and effectively able to tackle any search from Operations to Finance and from Development to Leasing. With a database that houses north of 50,000 people coupled with our network which we’ve built over the last 25 years, we can source and secure diverse, highly qualified, industry specific talent, from coast to coast.

Our focus extends beyond simply getting the offer letter signed. Retention is a critical component of your success and ours. We provide sound advice through the selection and negotiation process. Armed with up-to-date industry knowledge, including salary surveys and business specific trends, we work with you to ensure best practices leading to a final hiring decision that you feel fully confident about!

Positions We Fill
Leasing Manager
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