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From Building Operations, Leasing and Property Management to Residential, Commercial, Government and Infrastructure Construction and Development, our Property Management and Construction Group can bring you the specialized talent you require. By coupling our Smart Search Strategy™ with our flexible, professional, and focused approach we enable our clients to react to a rapidly growing industry and ever-changing market easily and quickly.

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When we source for that Controller, the Financial Analyst, the Production Accountant, the Auditor the Accounting Clerk and other Accounting and Finance professionals, we hone in on specific attributes: whether or not the candidate possesses that attention to detail, those time management skills especially as they relate to deadlines, the ability to work under pressure, their work ethic and generally their overall ethics and honesty. We’re not waiting for those active job seekers to come to us. Instead, our team is constantly identifying passive candidates who aren’t just looking for a job, rather they’re evaluating the best step for their career development. These are the candidates that won’t be applying to your job postings but often the most sought after in their field.


Corporate finance, risk management, insurance, investment banking and lending demand accredited professionals who bring with them specialized industry experience and market knowledge. To source the top tier candidates in these niche areas, you require a firm that will apply their 20 years of experience, their strong industry relationships and their understanding of the financial services and banking sector to bring you the best and the brightest talent to match your needs.

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With a clear shortage of talent in the Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement area, coupled with the demand for qualified candidates growing, engaging all available resources to find the best and the brightest is top of mind for most hiring managers. Generally being considered an unconventional career path, it can be challenging to find “available” candidates. At The Orion Group, we source directly from companies, attracting those passive candidates. Whether it’s a Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Coordinator, or qualified Logistics and Warehouse staff you need – we can find the right match for you.