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Who We Are

Welcome to The Orion Group, your premier partner in recruitment excellence, with over 25 years of industry expertise. We specialize in Construction, Architecture & Engineering, Project Management, and Property Management, with a network of over 50,000 professionals across Canada. Whether you're a candidate or an employer, we offer unparalleled commitment to your success. 

The Orion Group Difference

What sets us apart is our comprehensive, full-service approach. From candidate sourcing and pre-screening to interview coordination, background checks, and offer negotiations, we handle every aspect of the hiring process, streamlining recruitment to save valuable time and resources. Beyond recruitment, we prioritize retention, offering informed advice throughout the selection and negotiation process. Rely on our up-to-date industry knowledge for best practices, leading to a hiring decision you can fully trust!

Business Interview

Company Values


Open Communication: Foster a culture of openness and honest communication internally and externally.

Clear Processes: Ensure transparent and clearly defined recruitment processes for both clients and candidates.

Equitable Hiring Practices

Fair Assessment: Commit to fair and unbiased evaluation of candidates based on skills, experience, and qualifications.

Equal Opportunities: Strive to provide equal opportunities to all candidates, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, or any other characteristic.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse Representation: Actively seek to represent and promote diversity within the construction industry by providing a diverse pool of candidates.

Inclusive Environment: Create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees and candidates.

Candidate-Centric Approach

Positive Candidate Experience: Prioritize the candidate experience by providing timely feedback, clear communication, and support throughout the recruitment process.

Long-Term Relationships: Aim to build long-term relationships with candidates by understanding their career goals and aspirations.

Quality Service

Client Satisfaction: Strive for excellence in service delivery and client satisfaction.

Candidate Success: Measure success not just by successful placements but also by the long-term success and satisfaction of candidates.

Come Work With Us

Join a purpose-driven team that values innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth. Embrace a dynamic work environment, where your talents are celebrated, and a healthy work-life balance is prioritized. Unleash your potential, thrive in a supportive atmosphere, and be part of a company that transforms careers and shapes futures.

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