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5 Tips To Optimize Your Post-COVID Resume

Locating a desired job in Canada before the pandemic already had its own difficulties, but this has increased further due to closures and an increase in skilled workers seeking gainful employment. To professionally adapt to the current state of the post-COVID world you have to reflect this in your resume. Not addressing this in your bid during the job hunt could put you at a disadvantage with the growing competition. In our dedicated research, we have found a number of key aspects that employers are now looking at in the application process. These are 5 tips we have to help you stand out in the volume of skilled workers.

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Optimize your post-covid resume

Demonstrate Your Strong Ability To Work From Home - Highlight how you have and can continue to work from home effectively. Remote work is still the norm right now and will likely continue for the near future. Ensure that you encourage frequent video or phone calls for open communication. Elaborate on how you don’t allow the distance to create any lapses in progress nor in understanding the full picture.

Show That You’re Adaptable - Adaptability has always been a sought-after skill in the workforce, but now more so than ever. Present that you deal well and thrive in change. Regardless of the situation, demonstrate that you will always  put forward your strongest work.

Describe New Skills You’ve Learned - Having a high level of technical skills is increasingly more impressive due to the even further push towards a digital emphasis. Mention what you’ve recently achieved and how this new knowledge and skill could apply to the particular position you are seeking. This also displays your willingness to learn and work above the competition. If you took any online courses ensure you establish how they benefit your expertise and more specifically, the position that you are being considered for.

Discuss How You Prepared Your Workspace and Managed The Team For COVID-19 - Elaborate on how you instituted protocols to keep you and your coworkers secure during this time. This better demonstrates that you are socially conscious and you work for the good of the team outside of the assigned duties. Elaborate on what tools you used to stay above the social changes dictated by the pandemic in the workforce. Describe how you aided the team in remaining on task and how you ensured an uninterrupted workflow. Employers will be impressed by how you took control of the situation, and your ability to get the team to pull through.

Adjust Your Resume For The Job You’re Applying For - It’s always been advised to adapt your resume for each individual position. All of your skills might not fit comfortably on a resume, but you can spread them out for particular fields. You can focus your skills for the particular job you’re interested in to demonstrate your laser-focus on the individual role. With an increased amount of professionals vying for the same role, it would now be more advantageous than ever.

Following these pieces of advice aren’t just beneficial during times of self quarantine, they are still beneficial to present even after everything settles down. The competition can be overwhelming, but if you adapt accordingly and know where to put the effort in, you can still be a leader in your field. Follow trends and demonstrate  that you have the ability  to adapt your skill set above the hurdles COVID-19 has put forth.


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